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CASH Held Annual Work Meeting 2018


  CASH held annual work meeting from Apr 17 to 19. The meeting summed up business operation of 2017 and deploy work for the next year on the theme of "New Era , New Strategy and New Development”. Zhang Jie, the CAS Vice President and a member of the CAS Party Committee, Zhang Tao, the CAS Vice President, a member of the CAS Party Committee and the director of Economic Management Committee, Deng Maicun, a member of the Party Committee, CAS Secretary-General attended the meeting. The CASH management group and leaders of its holding companies and managing companies, institutes, asset management companies as well as strategic partners attended the meeting with a total number of more than 200 people. Zhang Jie, Zhang Tao and Deng Maicun delivered special reports. Wu Lebin, the Secretary of Enterprise Party Committee and the President of CASH, held the opening ceremony. During the meeting, the 2017 "Interactive Innovation " awarding ceremony was held.

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