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CAS established Listed Enterprise Union, serving technical transfer


On January 29th, the inaugural meeting of Listed Enterprise Union was held in Beijing. The Union aims to carry out the national strategy of innovation-driven development, promote deeper interaction of study, research and industry, speed up technical transfer. 

As China's top academic institution of natural science research, CAS has always been attaching great importance to the R&D and industrialization of strategic technology, aiming at the world frontier technology. At present, there are legend holdings, Sugon and other 24 successfully listed high-tech enterprises at home and abroad. 

CAS Listed Enterprise Union is expected to further promote the interaction of innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain, speed up the marketization of scientific and technological achievements, so as to serve people's livelihood and national economic development as soon as possible. 

Deng Maicun, CAS Secretary-General and the director of Economic Management Committee, Liu Chuanzhi, Chairman of Legend Holdings, Wu Lebin, Chairman of CASH, Suo Jishuan, President of CASH attended the meeting. So did leaders from CAS Bureaus, research institutes and listed enterprises.

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