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CASH Signed with the Government of the Ningbo City a Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement


    On June 8th, CASH signed with the Government of the Ningbo City a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will promote collaborative innovation in research and industry as well as industrial technology progress through comprehensive and in-depth cooperation. 

 Mr. Bai Chunli , the CAS President and the CAS Party General- Secretary, Che Jun, Zhejiang, the Provincial Party Committee General-Secretary, Yuan Jiajun, the Vice General-Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and the acting governor, Tang Yijun, the General-Secretary of Ningbo Party Committee, Qiu Yaodong, the Mayor and the Vice Ningbo Party Committee General-Secretary, Wu Lebin, Beijing-based Enterprise Party Committee of CAS, the Chairman of the Board of Cash, Sun Hongpei, a Director of Wang Kuancheng Education Foundation attended the signing ceremony. Under the witness of Bai Chunli and CheJun, Wu Lebin and Qiu Dongyao signed on behalf of the both parties. 

 After signature, both parties will use respective advantages to innovate in and enrich the cooperative mechanism, implementing the strategy of ‘the Belt and the Road Initiative’, so as to realize interaction and integration of innovation, industry and capital, serving economic transformation and upgrading.



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